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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just over two weeks ago Will, the pups and I moved from our brand new, high rise condo in Midtown Atlanta GA to an old, ground floor unit in a lush, green suburb in Austin TX.  After spending the first week without furniture, as we waited for the moving truck to make its marathon drive across States, we made do eating and relaxing in the evenings on a pair of outdoor chairs that we purchased from Lowes and watching DVDs on our laptops that were either perched atop the wetbar or a step ladder. 

Now that we have our things and are (mostly) set up, it’s beginning to feel more like home but still not quite as we adjust to hearing bird song outside our windows instead of traffic, horns and sirens or seeing a plethora of wildlife on our evening strolls, instead of people and expensive cars.  The pups love where we're at because they have a front balcony, a back patio and plenty of grass space nearby to chase their balls, which is a definite improvement on how they lived in the city!

We might never stop grumbling about the old kitchen appliances, the air conditioner that barely works but sounds like a freight train when it does, the bugs or the constant moisture in the air; but we are happy we made the transition.

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spring in Austin TX

spring in Austin TX

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