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the letter x for X American things

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Roman numeral X stands for number 10 and while not exactly my first impressions, I wanted to name 10 American things I like that start with letter X:

I: the X Files
Does anyone remember that show?  I was too young to watch it when it was on mainstream TV back in Aus - but thanks to Netflix, I've recently been watching and really enjoying it.

II: X-Men
This goes without saying, of course a Sci-Fi geek like me would love the X-Men movies, comics, characters; you name it!  I can hardly wait for the next movie to come out in August! 

III: "Xyla"
This American owned and operated company makes all sorts oft things using xylitol instead of sugar.  I've recently found out just how horrible refined sugar is for our bodies and now I choose only to chew gum and eat candy with xylitol - which is better for teeth and easier for the body to digest.  (If you want to know more, check out this video).

IV: X-Doria
Another American company that makes beautiful and professional looking protective cases for smart devices.  

V: the X- Games
Now the X-Games (or extreme sports games) are worldwide but they originated in the USA and are still predominately controlled by the US.  I'm looking forward to the Games coming to Austin in June, where I will hopefully be enjoying the skateboarding. motocross and BMX events in the crowd!

VI: X-Ray Tetra
Believe it or not, America has an animal beginning with the letter X.  It's the X-Ray Tetra (pictured above) and it's a pretty little fish that looks a lot like other tetra fish expect that it has a transparent body, which I genuinely think is cool and I'm not just using it because of it's name!

VII: Xanadu
Another American movie that features one of my favourite Aussie actresses of all time.  I also like watching the video clip to the song - Olivia Newton-John is sooo pretty!

VIII: Xbox
Although I prefer WII - the Xbox is still a video game and therefore very fun to play.  It was invented by Microsoft, an American company and this isn't cheating.  Ok, maybe I'm struggling a little, but I defy anyone to say the Xbox isn't fun! 

IX: American History X
A chilling movie with a beautiful message.  Edward Norton is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G in it and yes, it counts as a letter 'X' because without it you're just searching American history!

X: X is for Generation X
Not just in America, but Generation X worldwide is my favourite generation.  I think I'm part of it, but Will says I missed it and fell into Gen-Y. Even if he's right and I didn't make it - all my best friends did. I was always friends with the older kids and always liked what they liked (a lot of which WAS American).  Nirvana, Converse, skateboarding, surfing, plaid flannel shirts, hats and teenage angst.  Teenagers these days don't seem as angry or frustrated, it's like Gen-X were all depresses because we /they noticed the world failing but kids now are fixing it up.  Hopefully. 

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