... when you're constantly on the move, few things remain unchanged.

fun times and panic attacks

Monday, June 30, 2014

I've been busy catching up on work assignments since we got back from South Padre Island last Thursday and I'm almost up to date so I'll be posting all about our trip and sharing lots of photos etc over the coming week.  We had a brilliant time with lots of opportunity to unwind and refocus, and I'm looking forward to sharing it all with you in a new (and very exciting!) way.

One thing I briefly mentioned a while ago, but haven't touched back upon, is the topic of house-hunting.  Since Will and I moved to Austin without knowing anything about the area, we rented the place we're in now, to scope things out and find our niche.  While we love the area we're in, we've decided for various reasons that we aren't going to stay here.  It became apparent pretty quickly that we need to be close to Austin, but not in it.  So here we are.  Swiftly approaching the end of our lease (just three months to go, eep!) and looking at places outside of Austin's metropolitan zone!  This is very exciting for me since my whole life I've lived in big cities but at the same time, it's very frightening.  So frightening that yesterday I had somewhat of a panic attack thinking about moving 'into the county' and 'being remote.'

This will be my 10th move in 8 years.  Will has had a similar amount. Not all of those moves have been inter-city or major; but all have warranted moving trucks, lots of cleaning and rearranging furniture.  It will be my fifth major move into a brand new city where I know no one and that's always frightening.  I have hope that as we are buying our new place of residence, we may spread some roots there at last, I am weary of moving and anxious to build a home, yet simultaneously nervous about committing to a community we are unfamiliar with.

I often smile when I think of just how many of life's biggest decisions Will and I make based on our intuitions.  I know this makes little sense to many, but it has truly worked for us thus far.  Sometimes we feel different things - like yesterday when I let fear grip and shake me wildly, while he drove steadily on to our destination, unyielding and determined: his logical left-brain rationalizing the decision his gut has already made.  I admire that about him so much!  And while I'm not a fan of sexist stereotypes that dictate all men are logical while all women are emotional, in our case it holds true.  When we are deciding a massive, life altering choice - I truly take comfort in the constancy of Will's resolve.  Once he makes a decision, he rarely wavers on it, unless my gut is absolutely screaming NO!

Then again, that's the thing about soul-mates: you're usually intuitively connected.

celebrate the small things | June 20

Friday, June 20, 2014

Here we are on the last official day of spring and I'm a part of the official celebrate the small things bloghop once more! YAY!  It's such a wonderful way to be reminded of your blessings that I encourage everyone to sign up and join this very happy community!  There's nothing better every Friday - the best day of the week already! - than sharing in lots of joy with others!

This week I'm  celebrating:

  •  the fact that my birdfeeder has attracted two new bird species that I've never seen before! (I know this is a reoccurring theme but it's MY celebration, SO :p!!)  Now I not only see the regulars (blue jays, Inca doves, golden finches and cardinals) eating outside my window, but I also see:

tufted titmouse (s or is it titmice?)

and black capped chickadees

I couldn't be happier!  Both of these guys have the sweetest chirps and songs!

  • while I haven't got any good photos of them yet - and had to borrow the above from getty - I'm celebrating that I was able to snap my best shot (yet) of three, young neighbourhood white-tailed stags during a walk with the pups!

  • Next, was a particularly wonderful trip to Bull Creek where the puppies went swimming for the first time in their lives!  Baxter, my poodle, is working on a blog post about it: which includes a video of his first attempts and will be up by the end of the day!  You can check it out at his blog right here. I'm celebrating this because as a mama (even a doggy mama) your children's successes tend to be your own and I was beaming with pride.  Not to mention, it was the most fun we've had as a family in ... well ever!
  • I'm also celebrating the fact that yesterday I was able to accompany Will on a work trip to Surfside Beach, where we had a wonderful lunch and spent some time on the shore (post & pics to follow).  As we stood there, with the sand between our toes and salty air on our skin, Will and I decided to take a spontaneous mini-break!  So, first thing Sunday, we are off to South Padre Island for a few days! Yipee!  I feel so lucky and blessed in our ability to get up and go like that :)  I will never take these things for granted and will continue to celebrate our freedom, this country and our marriage forever!
  • and another wonderful girls' night on Tuesday with my lovely new friend
Life is wonderful!  I look forward to posting all about our adventure to the island with lots of photos and I hope that where ever you are, you have a terrific weekend!  Welcome to summer!  (Or winter, to all you Aussies x) 

this week's tip | don't drink the water

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

One thing I absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend to anyone that wants to go on a trip is never drink the tap water!  I also think that people who frequently travel should get into a habit of either packing or buying bottled water along the way.

This doesn't only apply to third world countries - drinking foreign water is as much of a shock to your system as eating a foreign meal, even though its results are often less outwardly noticeable.  I can prove this by challenging disbelievers to a simple experiment: try taking all your usual shower products on your next trip and see if you notice a difference in the way your shampoo, soap, shaving gel, toothpaste etc lathers or rinses off.  I'll bet you do!  This isn't always simply because of water hardness (or softness) - this is often because of other chemicals added as well.

I noticed this when I moved to Atlanta - my conditioner was taking forever to rinse out, my teeth became sensitive and within the first couple of weeks my skin broke out badly!  Ironically, I got used to Atlanta's water after a while and my skin settled back down, only to return home to Aus for a visit where I broke out all over again after a shower!  Logically, if your bath products are performing differently and your skin is reacting, it stands to reason that internally you are reacting as well.

Personally, I am really strict about the water I drink.  In 2011, I got a kidney infection that had me hospitalized for three days, scared out of my wits and in more pain than I can describe.  When I asked the doctor what causes kidney infection, she told me that drinking straight tap water is often worse than not giving your system enough water AND that Atlanta's water reserve was on a calcium deposit so rates of kidney problems are very high in the city!!  From that point, everywhere we go I always wonder what water reservoirs are sitting on top of (or near) and never let even a drop of it touch my open mouth.  I've envisioned radioactive spills, or rubbish floating in the water and like Charlotte from the Sex and the City movie - who instantly got sick when she let some water in her mouth, I'd probably mentally give myself another kidney infection from the stress if I ever let any into mine!

At home we simply have a Brita filter jug that filters our drinking water and when we're out, I always buy still bottled water.  I never drink the water that's brought to our table when we're dining out - even if they say it's filtered, I just don't want to risk it.

Perhaps I'm overly cautious, but those who've had a kidney problem can attest to its horrifying, debilitating pain and will understand why I go to such lengths to protect myself from ever incurring another.  And for everyone else, this advice comes from the purest intent of my heart, simply to warn you and guard you against potential health disasters.  You don't really need to be as extreme as I am, just avoid foreign tap water!

current craze | flowing skirts w casual tees

Monday, June 16, 2014

Right now I'm totally obsessing over bright, flowing skirts with plain or printed tees!  To me the look is perfect for summer, ultra feminine, dressy without being over the top and perfectly doubles from day to night.  Here are some of my fave pics:

from Nordstrom 

 this one from Anthropology 
Above skirt is plain but I love this anyway!  
perfection (again) from Anthropologie

food for thought | canary melon

Sunday, June 15, 2014

On a recent visit to Wholefoods, I was taken with an elaborate display of canary melons, something I'd never tried or even heard of.  Feeling adventurous (and somewhat guilty for neglecting my food for thought segment for a while), I decided to give one a try and I'm so glad that I did!

Honestly, I haven't yet found a variety of melon I didn't like: but both Will and I loved the sweetness and texture of the canary melon, which really is (as everyone who's tasted one claims) a perfect cross between a rockmelon (cantaloupe) and a honeydew.  It's perfect for this time of year: refreshing, sweet and beautiful on a fruit platter since there aren't too many other fruits that are bright yellow!

celebrate the small things | Fri 13 June

Friday, June 13, 2014

Yes people it's Friday the 13th... oooooo, spooky!  That being said, I s'pose I should celebrate the fact that the world hasn't been taken over by monsters and that I feel safe and sound here in my little slice of Earth...

This week I'm also celebrating:

  • neighbours.  I truly have the best neighbours. 
  • the arrival of another Birchbox - always a cause for celebration!
  • a little material joy in the form of a brand new party dress (couldn't wait to wear it out, so I'm actually wearing it right now!)
  • gaining 'senior contributor' status on Trip Advisor!! (hey, these are the small things, afterall)
  • and as always: health, Will, our puppies and our life!
my birchbox <3
PS: today marks the beginning of the last week of spring (or in Australia - the last week of autumn).  I feel bittersweet about this, since time has past entirely too quickly!  I will miss the wildflowers.  And I'm more than dreading the infamously unbearable heat of Austin.  Still, I'm alive: I'm free: I'm young and only have each present moment so somehow I'll make the most of this last remaining week of spring.  Enjoy the last week of whatever your season is too - and have a blast xo

Roadtrip | Wimberley TX

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Will and I have found our sanctuary!  Two weekends in a row, we have visited Wimberley: an adorable small town with a magical aura that's pulsating in the heart of Texas Hill Country and located just 45 minutes southwest of Austin.

 Like any small town, Wimberley has a main street that's neatly lined with shops, cafes, restaurants and is bustling with people, music and cars.  But part of the magic here is that River St has been idyllically nestled into the natural landscape, beneath massive live-oak trees and beside Cypress Creek: a haven that bustles in a different way.

This lush bank is so clean and so bursting with life, that if you stand still enough, you can almost feel it rising and falling as it breaths beneath your feet.  It's the perfect depiction of Eden and you feel truly in heaven just standing there - surrounded by greenery, birdsong, splashing fish, swimming children, grazing deer and the live music that comes from the patio at Ino'z and ricochets off the giant Montezuma cypress trunks growing out of the water...  The water that's so crystal clear, you see the sky reflected vividly in it and forget momentarily which way is up as you inhale the cleanest, freshest air you've probably ever inhaled.  My soul felt completely at peace while I stood on the waters' edge.  I felt cleansed by its tranquility and certain of the absence of negativity.  There's probably never been a negative thought along the bank of Cypress Creek - or if there has, it didn't linger long.

The locals and shop owners in Wimberley are incredibly friendly and accommodating.  Just like most towns in Texas's Hill Country, tourism is the main source of income; with hundreds flocking in for the weekend or driving by on their way to nearby rivers, lakes or hill trails.  But I have found, from personal experience (having visited quite a few said TX Hill towns), that no other town is as delighted to welcome outsiders as this one.

Understandably proud of their tiny town, locals in Wimberley seem genuinely happy to tell visitors all about it and show them firsthand the things that make it unique.  I'm convinced, after several interactions, that Wimberley must be where the famous 'old-school hippies' of Austin migrated to when Austin started expanding and 'selling out.'  General chit-chat over lunch with people sitting near us was of energy, vibrations, power of thought and eco-consciousness.  But the greater magic is that these locals have somehow managed to capture the harmony, acceptance and serenity that flows from the creek and infuse it into every inch of this magical town: a rumour I've heard about how Austin used to be and a reason why so many moved to Austin in the first place!  I even found two ladies that may actually have the answers on life and a generosity & goodwill that simply oozed from them unlike any interaction I've ever had, leaving me with a hole in my chest after walking away and yearning for a guru of my own.

If these locals aren't careful, Wimberley might be the next place everyone looks at moving to. Will and I are certainly in love, but unlike the friendly locals, I'm feeling somewhat possessive! It's my favourite small Texas town, with amazing food, organic coffee, enlightenment, generosity, magic and the secret to life -  get your own!



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spring in Austin TX

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