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Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's so great to be on a trip again - even if it is only for four days.  With moving madness done, dusted and out of the way for (hopefully) a long, long time - Will and I left our precious puppy babies in the care of some close friends and set off for a weekend mini-break, starting here in Baton Rouge!

We arrived last night, after a full day of driving and we were tired!  So after checking in and being spontaneously, delightfully upgraded to a suite at the downtown Hotel Indigo, there was nothing we wanted to do more than get settled and relax in our bitchin' room for the night.  Actually, we had thought our entire time in the previously unexplored city would be spent indoors because of the rain forecast, so this morning we were again delighted to receive another amazing surprise: the rain had stopped!  This didn't mean much for Will (who's sadly always working!) but for me, it meant freedom!  After a long, sloppy greeting from Huey, the hotel ambassador and my new favourite-other-than-Baxter-&-Dorothy dog, I was off!

Here are some pics from my fabulous day (and room!) in Baton Rouge: where the streets are steeped in rich history and the people are friendlier than anywhere I've ever been!

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