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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What was I thinking, assuming I could blog every day in October about things I would miss from our old place AND pack... AND clean... AND move stuff to the new place... AND unpack... AND take care of the dogs???  Needless to say, I haven't had time for everything, so my blog was the one to take the hit (again).  My things I will miss segment reached day/ number 14 and then dissolved.  Grr I'm so frustrated! I keep setting myself these seemingly easy blog goals and then letting myself down!

That being said, we're all moved in to our new place - furniture arranged, kitchen fully functional, doggies getting into a new routine, plants basking in their previously unattainable morning sunlight; and I like it here a lot more than I thought I would.  It feels truly peaceful here, oddly zen, despite younger residents and many more activities on-the-go than at our old place.  I'm quite shocked at how fast this new apartment, on the third floor - overlooking the swimming pool, has began to feel like home!  And although I meant to mention 31 reasons (coinciding with the 31 days of Oct) about why I would miss our old place so much, I don't miss so many things at all!  Here at the new place, I have all the other things I didn't mention and I feel happy to leave my list at 14, with the exception of three more: 

15) my neighbours. Vicki, Ana, Russel, Jo and Yevengi. 
Will and I ended up building actual friendships with our neighbours: double dates, dinners, cocktail nights, hanging out, crying on each other's shoulders... and my all time favourite: popping into each other's houses whenever we wanted or seeing each other around and just talking!  Obviously here, we're starting from scratch...

16) Allen Park.
Our neighbourhood park was seriously the best.  It was the first real glimpse of Austin's flora and fauna that we had: where we saw our first bluebonnets, woodpecker and tiny brown rabbits! The doggies ran around free off their leashes, scoping out the park, saying hello to their friends and I had the whole mile/ time/ steps taken/ calorie burning ratio perfectly worked out.  All of us will miss Allen Park.

17) the backyard.
Truthfully this time of year that backyard was unbearable.  There were no less than 65 mosquitoes ready to attack the second you walked out the door and nobody used the backyard at all unless covered in half a can of bug spray, but Baxter adored that yard.  He would wait patiently (sometimes for a full hour) beside it, just sitting there without making a sound, looking out, longing to be out there.  Whenever I would finally open the door, he would do the usual perimeter sweep and then decide his next activity based on whether the neighbour's dog was behind the fence or not.  If yes, he would sniff endlessly up and down the fence line, occassionally giving a little bark to make his position known.  If not, then he would just lay in the sun - either chewing a stick or simply looking around at the never ending scurry of wildlife that lay beyond our glass door.

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