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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I've wanted a fringed handbag for ages now but can't seem to find the exact one when I'm at the store searching.  The ones within my price range are all either too dark, have jewels or the fringe is too long.  I really want one that looks like any of these uber expensive ones:

Saint Laurent 
Stella McCartney


  1. I sat and watched this very video Wednesday night. I thought it was really good. She is so versatile. Of course I like her music anyway. Bennett was in my parents' day. She definitely made this work for both of them!

    I love the top two bags and the bottom, but I know I'd get my rings caught and pitch a "hissy-fit" to get untangled!!

    Have a great week, Lena!

    1. Hi Dixie, how ironic! Still, you know what they say about great minds :) hehehe. I completely agree that Lady Gaga is versatile and sooo talented <3 good on her for working with Bennett - I'm sure he's taught her a lot too.

      Major lol moment about your tangle comment! I agree that the fringe is quite long on both of those, but they are leather - quite thick leather - so I think (hope!) it would be quite difficult to tangle them in the first place.

      Thanks heaps for taking the time to comment Dixie and I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)




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