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celebrate the small things | June 6

Friday, June 6, 2014

This week I'm celebrating:

  • having my instagram photo of Austin's Capital building's dome featured on the official Austin City Limits Music Festival blog (yipeeeee)
  • having a blast and getting to know my lovely neighbour better when we spontaneously hit up a local happy hour together during the week
  • all of my plants are looking healthy
  • on Saturday I read about the endangered golden cheeked warbler and since then have seen one twice!
  • and finally, I'm celebrating my health!!
...I've had some minor complications with my endometriosis and consider myself lucky to not be in that much pain most of the time.  I can't imagine being constantly sore or having a more serious condition and I empathize with those who do.  So even though I'm sore from time to time, I celebrate that it's not worse :)

Sorry I've been a little slack at blogging this week - I did mean to blog about my roadtrip to Wimberley and this week's tip was meant to be about decorating with colour... but alas! I'm finding it difficult to work, be sick and keep on top of it all!  Thanks for bearing with me, have a fabulous weekend and happy national donut day today America!


  1. H Lena .. that's great your photo has been featured .. it's a lovely shot. Glad you're getting to know your neighbour more .. and that your plants and you are relatively healthy.

    Endometriosis is rather nasty so I'm glad to read you're not suffering too much .. take care

    and have a peaceful happy weekend .. Hilary

  2. Thank you Hilary for sharing in my joy :) and empathizing with me. You're one in a million x




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spring in Austin TX

spring in Austin TX

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