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nails without cocktails... a horrible experience

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I didn't go to my usual nail salon today (Caesars Palace at the Domain).  A salon where either Van or Gina do my nails and we talk about life... where everyone else knows my name and 'nail shape' preference... a salon that's elaborately decorated and immaculately clean... a sanctuary where every customer is greeted with a complimentary cocktail or beverage of their choice... and then leaves feeling refreshed... the salon after which I named my nails and cocktails segment.

Instead I decided to try another salon closer to home, where I had one of the most frustrating, embarrassing, just awful experiences I've had in a while!  An experience from which I practically ran home and made myself a cocktail just to get over it!

I'm never ever going back - no matter how close, convenient and blah blah it is!  And if I'm ever tempted by those reasons again, I swear to reread this post to snap myself out of it.  I won't be mean and go into excruciating details but I will say that I honestly wonder how a place where no one speaks English can stay open!

I don't mean to sound like a racist, but come on!  You're living in America!  So even if you could somehow find a way to stay within your own community and never socialize with English speaking people: you work at a nail salon where the business is in CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Yes, learning another language is hard.  Yes, it was easier for me because I was a child when my family moved to Australia but I watched my parents struggle and I know it's not easy!  I'm not judging because I'm saying it's easy: my problem is with the sheer unwillingness to try and the utter rudeness of sitting on either side of me (the customer and reason behind their business's survival) and speaking a foreign language!  I don't care what they're talking about... the whole time my face burns because I think it's me!  Especially when they laugh!

Truthfully, I don't know how these places stay open.  I for one, am never going back and can't imagine who's ok with 30 - 45 mins of manicure time like that!  Manicures (to me) are about girl talk, unwinding, reflecting on and sharing news about your fortnight... Not sitting tense and worried the whole time about the nail techs talking shit!

Anyway, here are some pics of my nails and the Moscow Mule I made myself back at home:

Colour: Essie Saturday night fever


  1. There is absolutely no excuse for rudeness under any circumstances and especially not in customer service.
    Is there a local retailers website where you can leave a review of the place?

    1. Hi Mrs G - yes I will look into it! I wanted to complain to the manager but it turns out he's a foreigner with minimal language skills too... grrrr lol. Yelp: here I come! lol

  2. That sounds awful! It had actually happened to me also when I went to get my nails done for the wedding. My nails were nice and long and I had shellac polish on them so I just wanted to shorten them a bit and shellac polish again. They actually cut them real short and shaped them crookedly that i almost jumped out of my seat and made a huge scene. It was also the language barrier and really rushed (over rushed) service. Not happy but also never going there again!





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