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decorating withdrawal

Monday, December 22, 2014

Since we're not at our place this Christmas, I haven't been able to get carried away with decorating and creative projects like I usually do.  During those 10 blissful, relaxing days I spent back at home in between trips, I seriously had to sit on my hands to stop myself cutting out snowflakes, baking cookies or stringing paper garlands... and honestly, I'm having decorating withdrawal.

Not having a Christmas tree is another major bummer, since - as I mentioned in last year's Christmas tree post - Will and I collect ornaments from places we visit throughout the year and then relive those trips and favourite memories as we hang those ornaments upon our tree.  This year we didn't get a chance to enjoy the new additions or relive old memories so I've decided to absolutely insist on a tree next year, for this is one tradition I don't want to die.

Wrapping presents and admiring their splendor beneath our (very basically decorated) mantle is all the decorating cheer I've had to contend myself with the Christmas.

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