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never enough time in New Orleans

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our long weekend in New Orleans came and went in a haze.  Since we were there for a wedding in which Will was a groomsman, we spent plenty of time apart: him doing wedding things with the groom/ me exploring and socializing with everyone else.

Being apart in New Orleans suits me just fine because now that I’ve been there several times, I know where things are and have a list of places I want to visit, food I want to eat and souvenirs I want to buy: most of which don’t appeal to Will.  The one thing we agree on and always try to do is listen to some live Jazz!  We like the Music Legends Park on Bourbon St, where we can sit at a table outside, sipping on a cup of coffee and nibbling on a beigneit; feeling part of a tradition that’s been around for decades <3

But first, of course, the most iconic of all landmarks always warrant a visit and obligatory photo:

Jackson Square & St Louis Cathedral (which many don’t realize is just as amazing on the inside)

The French Quarter and its jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind architecture:

... and charming little nooks!

Royal Street (lined with vintage and antique stores as far as the eye can see)

No offense to the iconic Cafe Du Monde, but it’s my least favourite cafe in NOLA and I can’t for the life of me understand its appeal!  I much prefer Cafe Beignet (on Royal St) for both its coffee and desserts, but most especially for the ambiance!  OR// for an iced coffee with a kick: I love a frozen Irish from Molly's on Decatur!

One example of something I adore, that Will can't stand is historic house tours!  My faves in the French Quarter are the Beauregard/Keyes house with its detailed tours, engaging guides and turbulent history! Madam John's legacy - the oldest wooden house in NOLA! And of course 'LaFittes,' the oldest pub (I believe) in America, that's retained authenticity by never installing electricity!  It's completely lit by gas lanterns inside - a must visit: even those who don't like history will appreciate this one.

Although I have loved every single one of my visits to New Orleans, I've never had enough time to do everything I've wanted.  This time I missed out on fresh oysters and antiquing (I really wanted a crystal decanter), but... there's always next time!

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