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celebrate the small things | May 2

Friday, May 2, 2014

This week has been no less cray, cray than last week was.  Baxter and Dorothy decided to tag-team the sickness: he got sick with the runs the second she recovered!  And unfortunately his turn was much worse because he's always been more sensitive!   After several days and no improvement, I was forced to take them the vet :(  That was the major event of the week.  Now for the small, wonderful things:

1. both the puppies have recovered! huge weight off!

2. I completed the A-Z challenge!  Although I enjoyed it and made many new friends, I'm relieved to be able to write whatever I feel like again :)

3. on Monday night I had a spontaneous girls' night with a friend who was equally exhausted and needing to get out of the house!  We went Downtown, shared appetizers and a bottle of wine, complaining until our burdens felt lifted.  Spontaneous outings are the best :)

4. although the mulberries have all but disappeared - it fed the hungry little bellies of the local squirrels and birds!  I loved spying on them and taking photos!  So adorable!

5. ladies everywhere will understand the importance of this one: I found a shampoo system that makes my hair feel and look incredible!  I've been conducting trials for years - always in search of a product (or system) that will make my hair look as silky and flawless as those models in L'Oreal commercials  - without needing a hair dresser! - and voila!   Biolage Strengthening shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment spray has done the trick!

6. as always I'm excited for the weekend.  This one will be spent exploring Downtown Austin - something Will and I really haven't done much of yet and I'm looking forward to sharing the photos with you.

Have a great weekend!

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