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this week's tip | try drinking warm lemon water

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I've had a few people lately asking me whether I've lost weight and although I have lost a little, it's not significant enough for it to actually be noticeable.  When I examined my past and present photos, I realized it's because I'm toning up that people are noticing and remarking.  My secret?  Simply drinking a cup of warm lemon water first thing every morning!

I started drinking lemon water about two months ago, after (my idol) Gisele Bundchen posted the recommendation on her Instagram, claiming that it boosts the immune system, balances ph levels and aids digestion.  Well I didn't need to be told twice and since then I've noticed several wonderful things.  Firstly, despite not changing my diet or exercise regime at all - I'm toning up!  Secondly, I feel more energetic - often not needing a cup of coffee afterwards!  Thirdly (which might be aided by my coconut oil pulling) hangovers are a thing of the past!

Drinking warm lemon water is easy!  The more lemon you can stand, the better: some people (Gisele Bundchen) squeeze an entire lemon into their water, others do half.  As for me, one third of a lemon (two thick slices) is all I can stand to comfortably drink and I believe it's enough to start reaping visible benefits.  I just muddle the slices in the bottom of my mug to release the juice and nutrients from the rind, then pour boiling water over the top and wait several moments for it to cool before drinking it as fast as I can.  It tastes great and has many other benefits, but don't take my word for it!  Here are some of my favourite articles on the topic, or you can do a lemon water google search for yourself.

Lemon water can improve your morning (and day) by the Huffington Post Canada

10 Benefits of drinking warm lemon water by Tasty Yummies

An incredibly effective, no diet/ no fasting, lemon detox by Pure Inside Out

11 Benefits of lemon water you didn't know about by Life Hack


  1. Hi Lena .. I used to do this years (decades) ago .. and in fact when I arrived up here to see a friend ... she said Hils are you still drinking your lemon drink in the morning! So now you're the 2nd reminder .. with the why too .. thanks - I shall start again when I get back to Eastbourne in 24 hours or so ...

    It does work ... that suggestion has been around a while - glad you're taking it up .. .cheers Hilary

    1. That's fantastic Hilary! Thanks for sharing :) let me know how it goes xo




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