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celebrate the small things | Apr 25

Friday, April 25, 2014

What a crazy week it's been!  I've dived head first into a new job and as a result have severely struggled with the A-Z challenge!  After spending the days writing articles, I've neither the strength nor inclination to write about First Impressions of America, letters V-Z, instead pouring a glass of wine and just zoning out before the telly.  I think if I chose to do the challenge again next year I'll need a far more engaging topic to motivate me!

To add to the stress, my puppy Dorothy has been sick almost all week with a tummy bug and this has kept everyone up all night because every two hours, like clockwork, she needs to go outside.

Still, there's lots to be grateful for and I love doing this on Fridays - taking time to reflect on the week and counting all my blessings, here we go:

1) This week, above everything, I'm grateful for two things: my husband, who's the most wonderful human being I've ever met!

2) and the ANZAC's (Australia & New Zealand Army Corps). Although ANZAC Day was technically yesterday in Aus due to the 15 hour time difference, the date here is the 25th April so to me, it'll always be a day of commemoration, no matter where I am.  I think we should always be grateful for and celebrate the freedom we have.  A freedom that is not our birthright, but that others gave their lives for.  Today I celebrate Veterans and service men/ women everywhere and thank them for fighting for their countries.
Now for the small things:

1) I discovered a mulberry tree in our backyard!  Mulberries played a big part in Aussie childhoods. 
2) I had a longer than usual conversation with Aunt Amy (1hr 45 min!) so now I'm missing her a little less
3) Tomorrow is Saturday!  The first weekend after my first work-week and I'm ready to relax! I've got nothing at all planned.  No housework, no shopping, just uninterrupted relaxation. (Maybe I'll catch up on my A-Z or maybe I'll rest my eyes from the computer and make it up on Sunday...)
4) oh, and I'm still majorly obsessing over the pretty shiny new heels I got last Friday.  They make me smile just looking at them #materialjoy !

Hope everyone else has had a lovely week and you all enjoy your weekend! 

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