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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Let's lighten the mood a little and focus on positives.  For one thing, my hoard of Christmas presents this year was utterly incredible! I truly got spoiled by friends and Will's family; what the heck people?  The present that surprised me the most was the one Will gave me - especially because we agreed not to get each other presents and I thought I was being super terrific and sneaky getting him a book!  Ha! Here's what he gave me:

A hand-crafted, genuine citrine and amethyst necklace! I was astonished. 

My bro and his wife sent a box full of lovely goodies, but my fave item was this cheese board and knife set:

My mother in law spoiled me, as usual, with a whole Santa's sack full of goodies: entirely too much to mention, but my favourites were the Chanel perfume// the MK handbag with matching travel case and passport holder (for future adventures)// the monogrammed overnight and book bags (that will also come in handy!) // and the J Crew scarf.

My sister in law, Erica, gave me this adorable snakeskin bag:

Will's aunt spoiled us with a week's worth of fancy dinners, since we stayed with her during our visit to Atlanta.  We went to several different restaurants, where she argued for the cheque every time and, as if that wasn't enough, gave me an immensely sentimental tree ornament, along with the ice bucket of my dreams!

Will's uncle surprised everyone by actually buying gifts this year (he's never done that before).  I can't help wondering why that is, when he's evidently great at it:

My friend Meredith sourced out the only two books in the world
that sum me up, completely:

My lovely Melissa found me something that'll make me
smile every time I look at it: 

i think it's strictly meant for Xmas but I love cardinals and
plan to use it whenever I like :)
I was over-the-moon to arrive home one evening and find a box on the doorstep, that contained a live amaryllis bulb inside from our dear friends Mike and Jane, who clearly got the message about my plant obsession!  I have named her Ruby and I love her <3

My cousin Rita made me somewhat mad (but also kind of full of glee) when she sent me an entire BOX of my favourite Kazakh chocolates!  This isn't helping my paleo lifestyle, nor is it conducive to that summer bikini body, but my God is it delicious!!

And lastly, I haven't taken off the brass bangle or cozy socks from
Madewell that Will's brother's girlfriend gave me:

Thanks guys, I couldn't feel luckier!

How about you?  What was the favourite gift you received this Christmas?

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