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celebrate the small things | Jan 16

Friday, January 16, 2015

Ok, what the heck... I know you've all heard someone complaining about this and I don't want to become that person... but where is the time going?  The 16th already?  That means half the month has gone by!  I'm not celebrating that.  I'm bummed about that.  But maybe time's gone by so fast because I've had such a great week.  Here's what I'm celebrating:

- a spontaneous, cozy and romantic lunch date with my hubbie, who was away all last week and whom I'd missed dreadfully.

- on Wednesday Feebee, my fiddle leaf fig, unwrapped her second, brand new leaf!!  This is a HUGE deal to me since I was so worried about all my plants after our big move in October - plant peeps know a shock like that can potentially cause them great harm - but now I know she's ok!  (I am a little puzzled as to why she's decided to grow in the middle of winter - perhaps it's the indoor heating that has her confused - but SO celebrating this regardless!) 

- oh, aaaaaaaaaand a brand new Birchbox: packed full of goodies as usual.  This time a liquid body scrub, lip stain, body lotion, face cream and hairspray:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and continue celebrating all the small things throughout xo

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