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Tuesday tunes {Watering Can by Liza Anne}

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This week I've been writing a lot and despite the possibility of sounding like a spoiled brat, I'll reveal that when I write I like two things for optimum creativity: a candle burning beside me and faint, soft background music.  While listening to the Wind and The Wave Pandora station, I came across Watering Can, by Liza Anne, fell in love and downloaded the album (called The Colder Months).

As she says in the video below, this song is about falling in love with the wrong person and the relationship ultimately not working out.  Before marrying my best friend, I collected two separate cases of my own that I can relate to this topic, as I'm sure most women will have at least one!  Now, as I listen to these lyrics, her voice and the hauntingly beautiful way she expresses that lost love: I can't help smiling at the wonderful way my love life turned out and all those stupid, pointless and wasted tears I cried over boys that weren't worth it.

I've been listening to the album on repeat for most of the week, but Watering Can is my favourite song.  This video is of her signing acoustic and was the only one I could share from YouTube, but I prefer the radio version with the upbeat additions <3 you can check it out here.  Which do you prefer?

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