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celebrate the small things | Mar 27

Friday, March 27, 2015

This week I'm celebrating:

- my new car!!
She's not technically 'new' - she's a 2009 model Mini Cooper S, but she's new in my life and I adore her!

Isn't she pretty!?

- two new friends and catching up with two old ones
I met two awesome, empowering girls at SXSW // and on Wednesday had an 'old-school' cocktail evening with my old neighbours!

- the enriching experience of SXSW
learnt several things about human nature, threatening situations, shock and myself.

- my vegetables seeds growing like crazy!

- getting organized
Will was gone all week, which enabled me to complete all the washing/ tidy the house/ organize scattered paperwork and rearrange a few stray decorating items that have been doing my head in.  Now I'm sitting here, with a coffee, looking around and feeling a proud sense of accomplishment.

- the weekend
We've got quite a few exciting things planned this weekend: breakfast downtown/ the local markets/ visiting friends/ a nature hike and detailing my new car.


  1. Replies
    1. You know it MRR!! It's the best feeling for Type A's like me :)

  2. I haven't caught up with you since the cruise. Oh my goodness, Mini Cooper S? Get outta here!
    All I got this week was free mulch!! I must be doing something wrong! Take care, Lena... I'll catch up this week. The puppies look so cute!

    1. Yes ma'am! I've been totally M.I.A! I'll make an effort to visit your blog more often this week :)

      -Free mulch is awesome! I need to replant my veggies this weekend and I would love some free mulch coz by the time you buy all the pots/ stakes/ watering can/ soil... it's expensive as!
      PS// thank you! I love them to pieces xo

  3. Congrats on your new car! It's so cute and I love the classy color! Yay for your plants sprouting and for getting the house all ship-shape. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Lexa, hope your weekend was great :)

  4. Oh how fun - I love Mini Coopers. My goal someday is to have a black one with the stripes on the hood and a Jolly Rogers painted on the roof. Good luck with your garden - those are healthy looking seedlings :)

    1. That sounds brilliant! I was actually just admiring a black one at the Mini store over the weekend - yep, I get to hang out at the Mini store now hehehe. I would love the Union Jack on my roof and mirrors but I'm pretty sure the hubs would have something to say about that one.... :) hope you have a great week!




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