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a pair of P's for letter P

Friday, April 18, 2014

I couldn't decide upon a specific topic to blog about for letter P so I thought I'd do both my top ideas - keeping them short and sweet of course :)

1. Paper money that all looks the same:
I miss Australia's brightly coloured, different shaped, plastic notes.  Not only for the obvious reasons that everyone knows; like how paper rips, or that it's porous and therefore harbours bacteria plus just feels dirty to touch... but also because I've considered the following scenario: say you're in social a situation with friends, (no let's make that) people that you've only recently met and are trying to impress, when you spot a bill on the ground not far from from you ... with American notes that all look the same - how can you tell whether it's worth bending over to pick it up?  You don't want to be seen as the tight-ass who dives for a 5-er off the dirty ground!!

I mean, with Australian currency you'd likely leave it if it was purple ($5)... depending on how important these new acquaintances are you might even leave a blue ($10), or a red note ($20) casually laying there, but no one would leave a shiny yellow ($50) and certainly not a green bill ($100) laying there!  Picking one of those up would afford you instant center-of-attention-ness with your new posse - especially if you jubilantly proclaim 'drinks are on me!' as you raise it into the air!

It's nice to be given a conscious choice through colour recognition, because you know that with paper money that all looks the same, there's no choice:  you'd leave it laying there to save face in front of your peeps in case it's a $1 bill, then spend all night wondering if you should have risked it in case it was a $100!

2. Pharmaceutical commercials 
Seriously these blow your mind the first time you see them!  In America it's illegal to NOT mention the side affects of any advertised medication so a simple, 30 second ad for headache medicine turns into a two minute event, where after the initial commercial, some guy yaps on about side affects the pills may cause, for example:

Here, take these lovely allergy pills to clear your nose :) 
But beware, side affects include: brain hemorrhaging, unknown bruising, kidney failure, multi-personality disorder, impotence, blindness or absolutely in the worst case may result in limb amputation.

Lol, are you laughing?  Maybe it's best if I demonstrate, check out this popular ad for sleeping pills which screens regularly on everyday TV:

It's actually very mild comparing to many others I've seen which seriously resemble my above joke!

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