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celebrate the small things | Apr 11

Friday, April 11, 2014

Photo: Happy #Friday everyone  I'm so excited to get my #birchbox just in time for the #weekend!  with the best #fragrance yet! #tgif #simplepleasures

I've just come across the most exciting idea from a blogger called Viklit, an idea to which I had to instantly subscribe!  She encourages everyone to take a moment every Friday to celebrate things that happened that week - no matter how small!  Obviously I don't ever need much of a push to be grateful so I joined her master page and will now be part of an online community that shares what we are grateful for every week!  Talk about spreading the joy!

If you have a blog, you should hop on board!  If you like reading blogs, you should check it out. Sharing in what others are thankful for will make you thankful in turn for your own things and we can all increase our vibrations this way!  TGIF just got injected with steroids :)

Ok so what am I celebrating this week?

1. One of my closest friends from Australia booked his flight to the US to come visit Will and I!  We haven't seen him for almost two years and we're beyond excited!  (Actually, this isn't a small thing - this is huge!)

2. Last Sunday's day trip to Fredericksburg! Will and I had a perfect, uninterrupted, romantic day...

Photo: #wildflower #farm #fredricksburg #tx #amazing #spring #lovelife #flowers
A full post with plenty of pics is coming soon - here's a sneak peek
at the wildflower farm we visited along the way!

3. On Tuesday, we found a new walking trail where the pups can run around off leash!  It's absolutely beautiful and close to the house: the perfect way to unwind at the end a work day - especially one that's spent staring at a computer screen!

Photo: #afternoonwalks around #atx  #lovenature #spring #tuesday
An untouched paradise in the heart of Austin!
Photo: my happy babies  #lovemydog #love #complete #afternoonwalks #atx #baxter #poodle #dorothymantooth #mydogisbetterthanyours #happiness #lovenature #lovelife
Happy puppies!
4. My birchbox arrived just in time for the weekend (pictured at the very top of this post) and inside was the most divine citrus fragrance!  Perfect for tomorrow's brunch with the girls!

5.  I got to have a longer than usual conversation with my soul sister, aka best friend.  She lives in Australia and is usually very busy with two kids and one on the way to talk for very long but talking to her makes me, and keeps me, happy for days!  Incidentally, she's the one who sent me the flowers (pictured with birchbox at the very top of this post) and that was last week so the fact that they're still very much alive is a celebration as well!!

6. Almost forgot: some of my recently planted herbs started sprouting:

just got to replant this guy into terracotta but... :)

It's so easy to love life when you begin to count your blessings!  All the best everyone xo


  1. Thank you so much for joining in celebrating, and what lovely celebrations! I love it when friends who live far away come to visit!

    1. Thanks for reading and including me in your awesome, grateful community! I'm super excited :)




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