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k is for Krispy Kreme

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My letter 'k' on the topic America from an outsiders' perspective HAS to be about Krispy Kreme donuts! (correctly spelled doughnuts).  Sure America is big on donuts and you'll find them everywhere you go but nothing beats a glazed Krispy Kreme straight out of the oven - most shops actually make them fresh on sight.

Despite trying hard to maintain a carb-free, sugar-free, organic paleo diet - I reward myself with junk food every now and then and at only (yeah right!) 200 calories per (plain) donut, Krispy Kreme is usually my choice.  A short post today but I thought I'd let the pictures speak for themselves! X

The gates to Heaven!
how to choose?
these look SO good
dang it, so do these!
what's this? a FREE sample?
ok, seriously... is it possible to taste God? 
I wonder which ones I chose...
mmmhhm.  simply glazed!
mmmmmmmmm doughnuts. 


  1. Hi Lena - I can't quite get my head round these ... but if you find them delicious and I know many do - they must satisfy many. Thankfully I can leave the calorie induced do'nut quietly alone for others to try!

    The pictures do tell the story .. cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary! Yes fried dough is a bit of a curious invention and obviously very unhealthy! I never ate them before I moved to the States - in Aus they are very thick and what I like about these K.C donuts is how light and airy they are... seems to feel less fatty somehow :P

  2. Krispy Kreme now have stores in this country (the UK) but they are too sweet for me. As I get older I am gravitating to savoury rather than sweet, which all helps with the diet!!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Most of the dialect words are no longer in regular use, which is a shame. I blame the introduction of TV and the affect its had on local accents!!

    Eileen @ In My Playroom (also doing the A to Z Challenge)

    1. Yes, I'm usually craving savoury as well :) donuts are like a once every three months (if that) treat and truthfully, I really believe in eating healthy so last time I ate these I sort of felt sick :P I'm sure it was self induced by thoughts of swallowing lard... but anyway

      TV is the worst! My husband and I don't even have cable (a mortal sin in this country).

  3. Yum! Not sure if I should be looking at your delicious donut pictures this morning but loved reading your posts!





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