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n is for New York!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Anyone that's ever been to New York City will understand why I'm dedicating my entire letter 'n' to it.  There is nowhere and nothing in the world equal or comparable to New York!  Every song, movie, tv show, book or magazine article I've ever read about this miraculous city falls short when describing her grandeur, her magnitude or the feeling you experience every time you visit.  A feeling that I can best describe my comparing it to a spiritual connection.

Everywhere you look you are overwhelmed.  Everything you see is a contradiction: stinking rich, diamond clad ladies wearing heels straight off designer runways, beside homeless, desperate and dirty people laying on the littered streets/ ancient buildings and taxis clad with the latest modern technology in the form of billboards or plasma screen tvs/ glamorous with bohemian/ culture with punk rock/ and representatives from every country in the world coexisting in an open-minded utopia that the rest of the prejudiced world can't conceptualize!

Truly the cultural, economic and fashion center of America - New York is the place to be for all the latest and fresh events.  I love this city (can you tell?) and despite having visited three times and seeing almost every borough - I feel like I could spend my whole life there and never see all that this wonderland island has to offer.

Rockefeller Square
Will beside fire engine outside one of NYC's most
iconic hotels 
Me outside the famous plaza hotel


  1. Hi Lena .. I spent a few weeks there when I was a 'kid' but would love to go back now and probably would appreciate it more ...

    Looks like you have plenty of sightseeing ahead on your many (I presume) visits to be .. enjoy - and seeing the sights and hearing the stories about NYC .. entices .. cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks for reading Hilary :) yes I look forward to visiting the Big Apple - hopefully soon! Not sure where you're at in the UK but flights from London to NYC are only 6hrs so it wouldn't be hard for you to pop over :)




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