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a weekend in Dallas 2 | April 19.20

Sunday, April 20, 2014

I'm starting to look forward to the finishing the A-Z challenge so I can begin writing what I want to again!  It's not that I'm not enjoying it - I've just been holding back so much of what I want to say because I don't want to bombard my blog with too many posts... but a lot has been going on.  April has been an eventful month with plenty of highs, blissful weekends, snapshots and a couple of lows - all of which I've held back sharing, wanting to wait for May, but I can't take not sharing this weekend (and not bragging about Will: the best husband in the world) so I've decided to slip this post in...

Some of the aforementioned lows had been weighing on Will and I last week.  Life threw us a few curve-balls and both of us were starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Instead of wallowing however, Will selflessly surprised me by giving me one of the best weekends I've ever had!

He began by researching, visiting and organizing doggy boarding so we could take the weekend to ourselves, something we never do.  This meant the world to me because I'm very protective and particular about who our dogs precious angels stay with and even though Will's not as particular, he went out of his way to make sure I would feel comfortable with whom he chose - all without me knowing!

Then he whisked me away to Dallas for a night so we could let our hair down, let loose and forget about all the bad stuff - which seemed non-existent after a surprise like that anyway!  From the moment we left the house, it was a wonderful weekend.  The road to Dallas was canvased by wildflowers and blue sky - so vibrant and picturesque - like straight out of a dream!

When we arrived we met with friends, ate, laughed, went to a baseball game and delighted in youth and life and everything about it that makes it wonderful.

By the time we drove home, we were feeling rejuvenated and blessed once more, only to pick up two happy puppies who had fun and remained unscathed. And then, as if it could get any better, I received a new, very exciting freelance job offer!  So win all 'round!

Oh! And I got a brand new pair of sparkly shoes! 

I'm feeling wonderful and ready to take on a new week! I'm so happy to be starting a new project and having success in every major aspect of my life.  I hope everyone who reads this is as happy and has enjoyed their Easter weekend as much as I have!


  1. Hi Lena .. so pleased for you - what a fabulous hubby - he does deserve accolades .. and I'm so pleased you had such a lovely time .. those flowers look superb .. the ball game I could miss?! Food, fun, laughter and friends .. no - I need ..

    Then your job - that sounds just great .. I hope it's a turning point to an easier life .. all the very best - cheers Hilary

    1. Aw Hilary, that's so nice of you :) thank you for reading! Everybody seems to be feeling bogged down in the A-Z this week but you are handling it so well - and with so much more activity on your blog! Any time management secrets?




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