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f is for fishing

Monday, April 7, 2014

Both Australia and America have housing estates built around (or containing within) a man-made body of water.  Forest Lake is a great Queensland (Aus) example and Peachtree City is an excellent one from Georgia (USA).   The difference is that if you grabbed a fishing rod (pole) in Australia and headed down to the lake/ pond in your suburb, people would think you were insane.  Here in the US however whenever a suburb has a body of water, its council will actually stock it with various types fresh water fish and create an eco-system where they will live and grow until you fish them out!  So it's not uncommon to see people sitting around these lakes/ ponds near their house, fishing.

What Americans do with their fish is beyond me... as I mentioned in my e is for eating post, nobody cooks so I can't figure it out.  But to me the simple idea of being able to fish so close to the house is very appealing and relaxing.

Here are some photos from one of my visits to a pond in Peachtree City, where a sand crane grabs a fish for lunch out of the water:

There were people fishing too but it would have felt wrong to photograph randoms just to make a point.  You will all just have to take my word for it :)  Below are some photos of other wildlife that coexist in neighbourhood bodies of water in Peachtree City GA USA:

Crane and Canadian geese (on left)
Close up of the Canadian geese and regular variety (left)
They're rather tame!  My dad got pretty close

These guys (squirrels) are everywhere <3 


  1. We fish, not as often as we should, we have our own little pond with strange coloured fish in it that we always put back...it's more the relaxing nature of the sport that we enjoy.
    On the A to Z Challenge Maggie@expatbrazil.

    1. How lovely! My husband dreams of owning a property large enough for a pond. There's something so appealing about walking outside in your underwear and just fishing :)

  2. Forest Lake is a great place to live.
    Go fishing in The Lake and you catch catfish, guppies or great grotty eels. No eaten' fish whatsoever.

    1. Yes I enjoyed living in Forest Lake, sometimes I thought I saw a turtle in the water too but I suppose it might have been an eel. Do the pups ever try to jump into the water? Dorothy would.

  3. That's actually quite funny. I don't really understand whats so relaxing about fishing... I guess its the same as smokers going out for a breath of fresh air. I often chuckle when I see people sun baking in the parks in Europe, not something I ever really saw in Melbourne.. that's what beaches pools and backyards are for right? By the way I can't find your E post... did something eat it? :)

    1. Oh I love fishing. Not fresh water fishing mind you - I like an ocean or salty river where the fish hungrily snap at the rod. Fishing in a stocked pond or lake is SO BORING to me - nothing happens for hours! GRRR
      But yes, I totally agree that people sun baking in public places is strange. You see that all over America too - I've seen it at every major park in every city I've visited. It always makes me giggle.
      Hmmm, not sure what you mean about my e post... it seems to be right there in between d and f :)




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