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this week's tip | try oil pulling

Monday, March 17, 2014

After publicly announcing my eastern medicine preference (and therefore basically declaring myself a hippie), I was thrilled to discover just two days later that oil pulling was taking cyber space by storm with its amazing results! I always want to take any opportunity to advocate for eastern / alternative medicine but not blindly - so I decided to forgo last week's tip to conduct an experiment instead: my own oil pulling experience which I commenced on Sunday 10th March.  Now, just one week later, I am already thrilled with the results and ready to dish out some advice on the matter.

Firstly, for those who don't know what oil pulling is, a very quick explanation is taking a table spoon of oil and swishing it around your mouth for 20 mins.  The purpose is to 'pull out' food particles or bacteria with the oils' sticky texture. Instead of going into details about the procedure, benefits, oil types to be used or success stories, I have linked up various articles that do so much better than I can - most of which are extensively researched on the matter and include references (for you skeptics :P).

My own results are as follows:
- teeth are much whiter (goodbye teeth whitening strips forever!)
- sensitivity gone
- hardly any plaque buildup during the day - teeth constantly feel glassy and clean
- teeth feel thicker and stronger 
- bad breath? what bad breath?  Even the morning breath is gone!
- skin is clearer
- MOST EXCITING (and completely unexpected):: THE WRINKLES AROUND MY EYES ARE DISAPPEARING!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know this is 100% due to the oil pulling because I've not altered my cleansing/ moisturizing routine or diet in anyway.

I've blogged before about coconut oil but for those readers who haven't already rushed out to stores (or THIS website) and bought the magical oil that has so many uses and properties: do so immediately!  Try oil pulling with it:  if only to see whiter teeth after the very first swish and save yourself the $60 you would have otherwise spent on whitening strips.

...If you find the whole thing repulsive or happen to experiment with oils and find another (eg sesame) that works better for you - coconut oil has many non-edible, household uses as well that can be implemented in every home!  From polishing metals to conditioning leather - there's really no limit to what it can do.

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