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Monday, February 17, 2014

Ok, so maybe I'm arriving late to this party.  Many of my friends subscribed to the Birchbox long ago and I sat back on facebook and simply watched as many of them 'liked' it without knowing what it was but although it's taken me a while, I've finally found it and I'm glad I have!

For those who don't know what Birchbox is, it's a wonderful way for both men and women to try new products without leaving your home.  You simply sign up on their website - select your preferences and for $10 month you simply wait for the mailman to deliver your box of goodies (product samples) which is seriously like getting a surprise gift in the mail every month.  I'm bummed that they only ship within America though!

My very first (and highly anticipated) box arrived today containing samples of perfume, moisturizer, BB cream, hair treatment and a mascara that smells like heaven.  After talking to a couple of girlfriends who also got deliveries and checking out instagram, I've discovered that each of our boxes contains different things because of our preferences!  Since I won't use any harsh chemicals on my sensitive skin and prefer organic or (at least) natural things: everything I received was perfect for me and I'll actually try everything so for those of you wondering if Birchbox is worth the $10 - my answer is YES!

product info and full size price list included in case
you love something

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