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things I'll miss about living here | No.10 my hair salon

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ok, so maybe I am being a baby about this one.  Obviously I could still drive to my hair salon: that's what everyone does! but somehow it won't be the same.  I guess I will miss the comfort of my hair salon being nearby in case of emergency - not that I've had one yet, - but it's always reassuring to know that IF I ever do, the salon is within running distance!

A little about my salon: the Beauty Jar (changed its name to the correctly-spelled) Colour Bar.  It's owned by Brazilian ex-pat and wonder-woman, Brizzy Tate, who was a celebrity stylist in her country and who (out of habit) makes every person to walk through her door feel like a celebrity!  She's the sweetest and most genuine hairdresser I've ever met.

The photo above is of me feeling glamorous after she did my hair for last year's NYE.  Since then, I've got my own personal stylist, Aurelia and she's totes awesome too!  

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