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eastern medicine: my choice for healing

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Of course if I break my leg, get poisoned or get hit by a car I would like to be taken to a hospital and jacked with as much pain killer as possible!  But as I mentioned here, my own copious experiences with western medicine have left me very unsettled and caused me to loose faith in it for daily life.  One of the points I struggle with is toxic medication which does more harm for the body than good.  Most prescriptions, no matter what they're for, eventually affect the organs or mental state and it's so sad that people trust their doctors and take them anyway.  The other (most important) thing that I don't like about western medicine is the separation that is practiced: that is the belief that all of our body parts are separate from one another .  When you put both of the points I've just raised together, it should (if you're a logical person) at least make you scratch your head!

There are many branches of eastern medicine.  Some, like acupuncture and herbology, are well known; others aren't.  I was introduced to a GP in the field by my mother in law, shortly after moving to America when everything that was ever wrong with me physically was heightened because of my homesickness, loneliness and fear of the unknown.  Shortly after the introduction, I was referred to a kinesiologist, who specializes in muscle testing and tapping, and who treated my then-current condition.

When I had my first sessions with both of these eastern masters they applied pressure to my ankles and told me, accurately, that I had endometriosis / something I'd known about for years but because of western practices (and their black and white approach that told me to cut it all out - reproductive system included) I still struggled with.  Both eastern doctors told me surgery was not necessary to cure my endometriosis and that with time and correct practices, it would heal.  Then they addressed another issue with my lungs, which I had been taking medication for for years and now no longer have at all!  From that point, there was absolutely no going back for me.

Since I started eastern healing, I am now able to cure my own migraines, minor headaches, carpal tunnel and cystitis very easily as they arise (I know I sound like a broken model :P).  All of these were reoccurring conditions that I struggled with for many years before discovering the simple, natural, cheap and non evasive remedies.  Now the frequency with which they bug me is decreasing as well.  Come to think of it, I haven't had one migraine this year!  I'm also managing my endometriosis and you should see the difference!  I feel like a regular girl with a regular period - I can walk, eat and function.  The pain isn't debilitating or nauseating anymore - much to the grievance of my western doctor who told me that, after 10 years with the disease, I would be either completely bed-ridden or dead by now without sugary. HA!

Being the over-thinker that I am, eastern medicine has invariably lead me to metaphysical healing, as they (mostly) go hand in hand and I discovered Louise Hay and her books about thought patterns that cause illness in the first place.  When I began having problems with my teeth (a root canal followed by a filling that kept falling out), I knew it wasn't the fault of my dentist but me making this happen.  I researched teeth and metaphysical causes for problems in that area and found out that the left side of the mouth has to do with problems with the mother/ right side with dad.  Just as I began going through a very difficult time with both of them!  I almost laughed at the correlation and how well my body was communicating with me, letting me see clearly where tension was building within me and what I was focusing on most.  I got to work releasing stress in that area and what do you think?  Haven't had any problems since. 

Eastern and metaphysical healing are very controversial topics.  In some ways, people are waking up and seeing the corruption and monopolization within the western industry, in other ways, they are not.  You only have to check out applied kinesiology on wikipedia to see how frowned upon and discredited it is.  I'm not pushing any form of medicine down anyone's throat, I believe in everybody's internal guidance leading them down the right path for themselves. This post is about me and my experiences which have formulated my beliefs and I know that what's right for me may not be right for someone else.  But let me ask you, have you questioned anything lately?  Have you done your own research about your medical condition?  Looked for, or tried, alternatives?  If you have, bravo! You are doing all you can for your healing!  If, on the other hand you have completely trusted your GP or specialist, as I did earlier in life, I only advise another opinion.  It may be vastly different and less expensive!

PS: Louise Hay actually cured her own cancer - so don't be cynical! 

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  1. Isn't it interesting how much we can do for ourselves if we know how? I too love Louise Hay's writing and practises. I find her methods to be eminently sensible and easy to rationalise. I like to think there is a happy medium between Eastern and Western medicine.
    More power to you, Lena.




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