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Atlanta's most amazing cafe

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

There's a cafe in Midtown Atlanta called Cafe Intermezzo which is constantly voted in the top 5 cafes of the city.  It gets my vote for number one because everything there is delicious and because stepping inside it feels like entering a portal that transports you directly to Southern Europe.  Everything there is authentically European from the meals, the music, artwork, furniture, actual printed menu, elaborately upholstered chairs to the tiny tables on top of which sit single flower vases and bowls with sugar cubes.  

I adore this cafe and used to love taking along my notebook, sitting at the antiquated bar and ordering a latte with 'schlag,' a slice of cake from their enormous selection and writing.  I also took every visitor of mine along to this cafe! ;)

My dad enjoying the cherry pie
My friend Melissa and I, patiently waiting for our chocolate cake
More coffee please!!

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