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My new favorite item of furniture

Monday, November 25, 2013

On Friday night our coffee table finally broke.  I say 'finally' because Will and I bought it from IKEA when we moved into our first Atlanta apartment three years ago for $20 and – although it’s been a great little table – it’s had a rough life: taking its final beating during the moving process.  That’s why after arranging our new living room and placing it in the center, we kept watching it tentatively wondering how much longer it would last.  We were hoping it would see us through past the Christmas season but sadly, after an unfortunately angled doggy-collision, one of its legs snapped in half and it went down like a ton of bricks!

Our old coffee table in our old apartment 
We tried to see if we could live without one but by mid-morning on Saturday we'd already found that we couldn't!  So we talked it over (ruled out Will's idea to replace it with an exact replica from IKEA) and decided the time had come for us to invest in something more permanent than a chip-board coffee table.  We looked online at different styles and agreed on the trunk styles that are big enough to be used as coffee tables and are practical for extra storage to boot!

Keen to spend as little as possible, we hit several antique stores in East Austin’s smaller towns – Marble Falls and Burnet – but without any luck came back to town weary, freezing and desperate, calling it a day.  Yesterday we got up early and determined, braving the cold on our mission once more.  Four hours, seven stores and two coffees later, we found our perfect, wonderful, amazing new trunk table at World Market

It couldn’t be more compatible with our living room and fits the couch cushions (that Will likes to throw on the floor when he stretches out) easily inside!  I seriously think this trunk is my new favourite thing inside our house! 

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