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Austin's oldest hotel

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Driskill Hotel is an amazing place.  Notwithstanding its incredible history that today makes it one of Austin's most haunted buildings or the enormous list of high profile celebrities and politicians have that have spent nights under its roof: the building itself is simply spectacular.  It's grand to the tiniest detail as if every brick was laid with pride and caution.

I'm sitting inside the upstairs bar right now: scribbling on a napkin beneath the dull, yellowish glow of the lights, sipping on the signature cocktail - called the 'Batini' and taking it all in.  The engraved ceiling tiles, oversized leather sofas, cowhide backed bar stools, large fireplace with longhorn wall mount above its mantel all contribute to the atmosphere in here which is distinctly cozy and masculine, reminiscent of the country grandeur of a wealthy ranch.  The chair I'm sitting in is a comfortable but heavy dark green leather arm chair just like the others that stand around the wooden tables and to my left is a stage upon which stands a man and his guitar; singing classic American songs.

It's Thanksgiving night and I'm with Will, his father and youngest brother.  We're here after a nice dinner at the Hilton hotel and they are all transfixed at the football game on the TV above my head.  I know so little about football that I don't even know who's playing but in any case I'm too taken in by this place and all the glamorous things that have taken place here.  Maybe it's that sense of awe or maybe it's the spirit of Thanksgiving all around me but I'm feeling especially grateful for my life and this moment.  With three amazing people and without a care in the world.  We are truly blessed.

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spring in Austin TX

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