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November in Austin, TX

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I feel like I've been taken back in time or maybe time has just frozen.  The scenery in Austin right now is just what it was in Atlanta two months ago but by then, the city was already colder than Austin is now.  One of the things I adored about Atlanta was that it distinctly had four seasons - each vastly different and wonderful in its own way.

Here, it's the middle of November and I'm hot.  Perhaps I've been taken further back in time - maybe as far as three years ago when I was living in Australia since now we're exactly one week from Thanksgiving (which I have come to associate with cold, murky weather) and I'm wearing a singlet and denim shorts, outside in the sunlight replanting a chrysanthemum that's still sprouting new buds!

I can just picture Atlanta: everyone's in a hurry out on the streets, craving the warmth of buildings.  They're wrapped head to toe in boots and scarves; maybe the gloves have even come out already.  I can also imagine Manhattan: pedestrians braving the furious wind in fur coats, anxiously awaiting the first snowfall that will cover the city in a layer of shimmering, white, clean beauty and turn it into a real-life snow globe.  Thanksgiving celebrations in both cities involving snug blankets beside fireplaces, cider, cable-knit sweaters and pies of every variety.    

Am I even in America anymore?  Here in Austin the leaves are only now changing color with some sporadic trees reluctantly dropping their leaves while others are ignoring their seasonal obligations entirely.  The murkiness of autumn is just starting to creep up our street and linger outside of our windows - and that's only happened twice, on overcast days.  I feel so turned around and confused, looking at my calender and very consciously repeating to myself that I'm in Austin and it's November, hoping it will sink in soon.

I am looking forward to next week - even if it feels more like Easter than Thanksgiving.  We are having Will's little brother and dad stay with us which is always fun and after all; family is all you really need on Thanksgiving and a welcome trade-off in lieu of my beloved red, orange and yellow backdrop and blistering cold.

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spring in Austin TX

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