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Eating our way around town

Thursday, November 7, 2013

As I previously mentioned, Will and I arrived in Austin before any of our furniture or kitchen utensils did so this gave us a chance to eat out a lot more than usual (both of us love to cook) and explore local restaurants. 

One of our very favorite places was the Russian House on 5th St in Downtown Austin. Having grown up with Russian cuisine and culture: I found both the food and atmosphere very authentic. My eyes wondered around the walls and shelves clad with vintage and eclectic memorabilia from the Soviet Union as I sipped on a delicious vodka infused with elder flower and orange.

For the best spicy tuna sushi roll I've (seriously) ever tasted, there's no better place (and we've been to several) than Bar Chi on Colorado St, Downtown Austin.  There's a distinct night club vibe in this Japanese restaurant and you won't feel like a crazy person if you feel like a cocktail with your sushi lunch: more than likely every one around you will be drinking too! 

For coffee, cake or a weekend brunch in a very romantic setting; my absolute top recommendation is Chez Zee in northwest Austin. Complete with fairy lights, a pet friendly dining terrace, seasonal decorations and an enormous cake fridge - this American Bistro will put any girl in the mood for love!! 

Finally, for finger-licking American BBQ we loved County Line on the Lake.  The family sized meals and platters are enormous!  Even with the two of us sharing a 'Rib King Platter,' there was plenty to take home, making it one of the cheapest (good quality) meals we've had.  Another awesome thing abut County Line is it really is on the lake - looking out the windows or stepping out onto the patio, you are literally overlooking a beautiful lake; complete with swans, turtles and fish swimming merrily by.  This picturesque restaurant is definitely a place we will be taking our out of town visitors to.  

The Rib King platter

County Line on the Lake


  1. OMG! Those ribs look incredible! :-O

    Also; I'm glad I'm not the only one who, upon many a lunchtime, feels like a fruity cocktail! ;-)

    Remember that Simpsons moment - when Moe opens a ritzy bar of sorts; and some dude orders: "... A plum, floating in perfume, served in a gentleman's hat." LOL!

    1. ROFLMAO! "it's funny coz it's true..."
      Dude, what would we do without the Simpsons?
      PS: This BBQ joint is just ONE reason you and Anna have to visit :)




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spring in Austin TX

spring in Austin TX

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