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Giving thanks on Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 28, 2013

In keeping with Thanksgiving tradition, I want to take a moment to mention some things that I am thankful for:

- Will/ love/ happiness/ our life
- our amazing puppies
- family: accepting, encouraging, supporting and always good for a laugh (ey, Vasso?)
- good friends and laughter
- my life
- my health
- my freedom
- cold weather and changing seasons
- scented candles
- good wine
- creative expression
- literature
- (I hate saying this, but:) a good sitcom
- flowers, herbs and gardening
- nail polish
- anthropologie (not meaning to sound materialistic today, but let's be honest!!)
- which brings me to: my best friends and their unwavering honesty
- the beach
- all of the creative muses in my life that have shaped me in some way (Christopher Nolan, JK Rowling and way more authors as well as Mary J Blige and her uplifting, inspiring music)
- travel
- inspiring people that are true to themselves and really good at what they do

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spring in Austin TX

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