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Monday, January 6, 2014

On Saturday afternoon,  I kicked my new year off with a bang when I picked up my to-do list and crossed off something that's been on it for a long time: my first Reiki session.  Now I can wholeheartedly say to anyone who's been putting it off or is simply curious about it: you won't be disappointed.  My own experience was wonderful: two days later I'm still feeling energized and ... more complete somehow.  I've found out where my problem chakra is and even though simply being aware of it has helped enormously, I am also taking steps to correcting it for good.  Truly a great start to my 2014!

For those who don't know what Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is, I'll briefly describe it as an energy-flow correction and stimulation for the body.  It's an Eastern form of healing derived from the basic understanding in physics that everything is made up of an energy that travels upon different frequency waves - our bodies and everything within our bodies included.  Often when we're feeling sick, stressed or just off it's because of a disruption in this flow of energy, which Reiki practitioners are taught to locate and correct. (Click these links for more deatils about Reiki and our body's energy centers called chakras.  Or check out this 8min video which talks about both).

I may have already mentioned that after years of endless doctors and referrals inside of the Western medical system, I no longer believe in much of it and have been implementing Eastern and metaphysical methods for my own health grievances for the past three years.  I'll write a post and go into detail about this at a later date, for now I just wanted to share my Reiki experience: which was simply awesome and which I hope to revisit bimonthly or quarterly.

Despite having health benefits, there doesn't have to be a physical reason to try Reiki - depending upon your belief system, you may just like to experience it for the spiritual aspect that comes from connecting to the energy that flows between you, the practitioner and in essence the entire earth around you.  I really enjoyed meeting with and talking to my practitioner, it was kind of like therapy but much more enlightening and positive.  When I lay down on the table and she begun her 'thing', a lot happened to me that I can hardly describe but then again, I was open to it all.  There isn't a 'typical' reaction to Reiki, everyone is different and most people are on different frequencies altogether so I can't say for certain that my experience was how yours would be but again... it's worth it all just to try.

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