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the weekend

Monday, February 17, 2014

Will and I spent the weekend dreaming.  Dreaming of the perfect house, yard, neighborhood, furniture and lifestyle.

Since Austin is one of America's fastest growing cities, model homes in new development areas are popping up everywhere and like many couples our age, Will and I like to visit model homes and compare floor-plans, practicality, suburbs and all that fun stuff which is exactly what we spent our perfectly warm Austin weekend doing.

Just a four bedroom house for ... yep there are four of us :P
You might think that's too much space for Will, me and our two tiny dogs...
but one of the rooms would DEFINITELY be a gift wrap room
just like the one they had in this display home... every girl's dream 
 we loved this concept of a game/ man space for Will and his friends.
Weren't so crazy about this being carpeted though...
Such a perfect office <3
and unique wall shelving... more <3
Another house we loved with blue features, dark brown roof,
garage in the back - two bedrooms, one office ...
...this awesome, casual and comfortable meal area
adjacent to kitchen...
...and this outdoor entertainment area that seamlessly blends
with the indoor living space through french doors for the perfect parties...
i could see it so vividly and i loved it

After so many dreams cast out into space, it was nice to wrap up the weekend by having a few realized immediately as we hit the outlet malls for the President's Day sales and made the most of our remaining  rest of our Christmas gift cards.

Ok, maybe we weren't quite done with the dreaming...

Cow hide office chair $1,200 Restoration Hardware
 (yep, that's outlet price) - but can you really
put a price on dreams?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend.

    Peter and I have a dream of buying a house in the US…Atlanta/Charlotte…and dividing our time between there and Brisbane. It's a big dream. :)

    1. That sounds lovely Ms G! (Gotta ask: are you a Gone with the Wind fan at all?)
      :) I think it's a great dream - we loved Atlanta and Charlotte is meant to be insanely beautiful. Ahhhh dreaming. It's the best fun!




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spring in Austin TX

spring in Austin TX

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