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happy in Austin

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I know I've been totally M.I.A this week but I promise I have a good reason!  You know how I wrote that weekends in Austin have been glorious but weekdays are miserable and grey? Well, excepting Monday and Tuesday, this week is just as glorious as the weekends and the pups and I have been taking full advantage of the outdoors.

The warm weather was one of the reasons we moved to this city but given the state of things lately, I was prepared for another gloomy week: buying bright flowers to ward off restlessness and cabin fever and repainting my nails a brighter colour for a little pick me up right before my face as I work (type) all day. Then as the weather warmed both of these little things - while super pleasant - proved unnecessary.

And while many of my friends in cities all around in the country - including Atlanta which we've just left - are confined to their homes due to snow days: I've been able to enjoy morning coffees on the back patio and daytime writing at the picnic table down the street while the pups play and chase squirrels. I always feel more inspired outdoors and there are so many awesome things about Austin but one of my favourites is its nature, so close and undisturbed. Bliss.

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spring in Austin TX

spring in Austin TX

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