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Friday, February 28, 2014

I've always had a very vivid imagination.  Ever since I could remember I have created worlds within my mind: sometimes with the aid of a book I was reading, other times out of thin air.  All I had to do if I was lonely or scared as a kid was whip open my favourite novels and be transported to those lands where the characters were: trapped inside a giant peach after defeating evil oppressors, learning magic spells at Hogwarts, weeping over Willoughby or staging a round table meeting in Camelot.  Many times I would put the books down and weave myself into their story - sometimes as part of Harry's school gang or riding beside Genevieve, vying for Arthur's eye - other times I would create my own stories and get lost in those worlds, something I still do today.

While I've never discussed this with another fictional author, I'm sure this is totally normal.  How else can you write about a place if you can't imagine it?

Ever since I began writing my novel, I find myself existing in two worlds: the real one where Will and our dogs wait for me to pay them attention or explore the city we've just moved to (or feed them :P) and the other one where my story takes place, one that I've completely fabricated.  This second, imaginary, world has become almost as real to me as the first - since now the locations and characters are clearly defined so when I enter this space, I am vividly able to see every detail.  I love being in my created world.  I love the characters and their stories, often spending hours at a time inside their universe without moving from my seat, eating or letting the dogs out.  I always feel guilty about that because time races by, but also secretly (though now he'll know) enjoy the times Will goes out of town so I can get lost there unapologetically and reemerge only when I please - or when the dogs demand it.

PS: both images in this post are taken from the movie 'inception' - 
which i highly recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it! 
(Image 1: archdaily.com 2.nerdacy.com)


  1. Agree and understand completely. Taya Bayliss is the brave, adventurous little girl I wanted to be. She has the adventures and solves the mysteries just as I imagined myself doing as I read my Enid Blyton books. She is a real person to me although I have created her and her world. I talk to her as I write in my real world and she tells me how to express her feelings and words as I navigate her world. The two worlds collide and intersect. Sometimes Peter says to me, "Are you asking me or Taya?" I usually don't even realise I have spoken aloud.

    1. YAY I'm not crazy after all :P it's so wonderful to hear this from an actual, real author. I can only imagine how amazing it feels to have your book (your baby) existing in THIS world for people to read and share with you. Just thinking about those girls who now envision themselves as Taya or as part of her life must surely give you goosebumps!
      thank you (as always) for taking the time to read. xo




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