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what's with the hype over Valentine's Day?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I don't like forced romance Valentine's Day.  This year I've been kind of vocal about this and it turns out that a bunch of my friends (and a contributor to the Huffington Post who wrote this awesome post on the subject) don't either so maybe this topic won't be as scandalous as I originally thought.

Although the day is upon you in Australia and many of you are about to kick it off by walking into your offices or lounge rooms and swooning at the sight of flowers, chocolates or cards; we here in America get to wait for that excitement since we're a day behind you guys.  Here, in true American fashion: people have decorated their homes with pink/ red hearts, arrows, cupids, fluffy things, streamers and ornaments... so we get to enjoy that... plus one more day of seeing the tacky V-day crap displayed around every store we are forced to visit out of necessity.  All that gloriously overpriced stuff that society has deemed acceptable tokens of love. The stuff that single, heartbroken (or just shallow) people look upon with longing as it determines their self-worth.

One thing I can tell you all with certainty: this happy woman in a very committed relationship to the man of her dreams won't be getting any of those things and I don't care.  When I was younger, in school or perhaps a previous unstable relationship, I would have.  I would have taken that forced gesture and got SO carried away with it or sulked for possibly a week afterwards that I wasn't singled out.  Four years after marrying my best friend and soul mate however, we are happy (as we've always been) to completely boycott this pretend and over-commercial romance-day by going to the cinema for a horror movie with contraband alcohol, sneaked in via my bag, and giggle as we swig it.

I just don't understand the forced nature of it all.  I don't hate love but I dislike the idea of putting a price tag on it.  Or expressing it only one day a year.  Or comparing what you were given with a friend and then feeling down because yours was smaller.  Maybe it was too big? What does that mean?  Is he over-compensating for something?  GRRRR!  To me, romance should be spontaneous and genuine: like the all-year, constant kind I get from Will.  Besides, traditional V-day presents  are so horrible!  I mean what do you even do with a giant teddy bear or a heart-shaped pendant after the day is over?  Barf!

Of course I am thrilled for anyone who gets spoiled on this day on top of their already perfect relationships and if you have a bf/ gf/ hubby/ wife who shows you love all year long but wants to sweeten the deal on Valentine's Day because it's the international day of love, then GREAT.  As long as everyone is happy :)

Personally, I've always preferred my flowers, jewels and candy 'just cause' instead.

Thought this was hilarious!
from chicagonow.com

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