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this week's tip | trust your intuition

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Age concepts are becoming increasingly popular and we've all heard the key ones: learn to love yourself, thoughts become things, healthy body = healthy mind; but my favourite one is trust yourself and your intuition.

What that means to me is taking a moment to be still and listen to the quiet voice within you - the one that gives you good or bad feelings about decisions you are making at any given moment.  I know this feeling is stronger (more prevalent) in some people but just like a muscle: this part of you grows the more you put it to work.  

Being a somewhat hot headed person by nature (fire sign Aries), I've 'gone with my gut' and trusted my intuition for as long as I can remember.  I've always been able to respect the opinions of others but never let them lead me anywhere I haven't wanted to go.  Over the years, my 'moment taking' procedure has decreased to a nano-second procedure because my instinct (the very first feeling you have about something) is intertwined with my quiet voice and I trust it implicitly.  Of course nothing is perfect 100% of the time but you can choose to see 'mistakes' as lessons: somehow things always work themselves out because nothing is awful 100% of the time either. Besides you'll never know if the path not taken would have been worse...

The best thing about trusting yourself how confidence building it is.  You're in control.  You know best.  It's your life, your lessons, your mistakes, your rewards.  You would never want anything bad for yourself so trust that voice within!  Start with something small, like taking a minute to really ask yourself what you want for dinner, once you have the answer eat that no matter what and then see how you feel afterwards.  You will never make yourself sick if you listen to that voice.  I promise.

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