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Bruno Mars rocked the Super Bowl

Monday, February 3, 2014

Did the ladies get through last night's Super Bowl alright? I bet there are a lot of freshly manicured hands around today :) I somehow managed to be in the living room with Will all night but watch hardly any of it... guess my pizza and playing with the pups was much more interesting :)  until the Half Time show that is!  Out of the four I've now seen: last night's was the best for sure.

Bruno Mars wears Saint Laurent custom-made suit
photo: harpersbazaar.com
How incredible was Bruno Mars!  I loved everything about it: the 50's theme, the choreography, the lead up to the Red Hot Chili Peppers where he sang a few of their songs his way, then Anthony Kiedis and flea getting on stage true to image with no shirts on and rocking 50 year old bods!  Then Will and I both shed tears when the service men/ women made their dedications for Bruno Mars to sing Just the Way You Are which resounded around the stadium and our living room with a shower of fireworks and goose-pimples.

The commentators said Bruno Mars would surely pick up new fans after last night's Super Bowl performance and I have to agree.  It was such a class performance - not an act at all!  I just found out that the suit Bruno Mars wore was custom made by Saint Laurent!  Now that's class!

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