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D.I.Y shabby-chic magnolia wreath

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I've finally had a chance to finish my spring wreath.  It was so simple and cost hardly anything since I already had most of what I needed at home from previous craft projects.  If you feel inspired to make one for yourself, here's what you'll need:

large grapevine wreath $8.99 from Joannes
-deconstructed magnolia garland i had laying around-
very similar flowers at Micheal's or  Joannes
(just trim the long stems)
green wire and cutter $4.99 from Joanne's 
pliers for bending wire
(i love my leatherman (on sale!) because it comes in handy for
all my craft needs - it even cuts wire) but any pliers will do for this
craft glue $1.79 Joanne's or any craft store
scissors & burlap - i had a large roll because i use burlap
 a lot for decorating so i had to cut strips:
but you can get burlap ribbon as well

Making the wreath:

I started by playing around with loose pieces, placing them onto the wreath in various positions to see what looked good.

When I found a variation I liked, I took a photo so I knew which piece goes where and got to work, intertwining flower stems into the wreath and attaching with wire:

to ensure nothing flies away in rough weather, I glued each leaf and flower onto each stem:

sometimes the leaves stick out in funky directions so I pierce them with wire and secure them the way I want them to face: 

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once everything was in place, glued and secured, I cut two thick strips of burlap off my roll and simply tied them onto the wreath.  (For extra security you can sew these on to the wreath with a bit of thread if you like but with normal wind/ wear & tear they won't budge if the knot is tight enough).



and there you have it.  A simple, pretty shabby-chic wreath in time for spring!

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