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Monday, February 3, 2014

The high school I attended had a remarkable principle. Despite the school having over 2000 students, each one of us felt that we had a personal relationship with her. Fittingly, her name was Ms Hart and her personal motto was Winston Churchill's famous quote: never never never give up.

In truth these words didn't mean much to me at the time. I was dreaming of grandeur and changing my life's direction every day based on what profession I thought would make me the most income. It wasn't until two years after I graduated that I even thought of them again but I vividly remember the moment I did:

I was in my economics class at university - a subject I hated and struggled with more than any other. The professor was pointing towards a graph and I wanted to cry from the frustration of it not sinking in. Fighting back tears, I went into therapy mode and began writing down how I felt. Writing was always my release as well as my joy and I carried a diary in every bag (this was before smart phones :p). As I wrote the words 'I'm ready to give up' I suddenly remembered Ms Hart, her office, her warmth and the tenacity she tried to instill, with a smile and that somewhat repetitive phrase: never never never give up.  I put a line through my previous sentence, wrote hers down and remembered that day I was in her office for career counselling at age 15 when all I wanted to do was write and dreamt of a career in journalism.  A dream she told me not to give up on but one I'd talked myself out of, knowing how competitive the profession is and doubting my ability to succeed in it.

One thing I release I should never have doubted was my determination. Over the years I've come to see how important LOVING what you do is. When I finally said yes to my dream and began working for an Atlanta based fashion magazine, I met Nina Gleyzer: an internationally renowned couturier who reiterated that we are all put on earth with different callings for a reason and that only when we stay true to whatever it may be - no matter how hard it is - are we truly fulfilled.

Ten years after my high school graduation, I'm smiling as I think of how far I've come and how much better my life has been since I followed the advise of an incredible principle and an iconic prime minister, both of whom found their passion and never never never gave up.

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