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10 wardrobe essentials for winter coziness

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sitting here tonight watching Harry Potter and doing everything else I mentioned in my previous post, made me think of all the other things that make me feel exceptionally wonderful and cozy when it's cold, so I wanted share them with you:

Number one HAS TO BE Fair Isle patterned, thermal pj's.
I adore them to no end, buying a new set every winter and then living in them when I'm at home to mimic that unmatched coziness that you only get by the fire place at a winter-log-cabin.
 Victoria's Secret
PS: they run big

2.Fuzzy socks.
These seriously feel like heaven and keep your feet warm on cold winter floors.
Bath&Body Works

3.Printed Henley.
Henleys are very warm - most being thermal - and great to bum around and sleep in.
These printed ones from Old Navy are warm and fun!

4. Woolen headbands.
A must-have for braving the cold and saving your ears.  (Plus these look way less dorky than ear muffs!)
ASOS or Macy's
 Plush microfiber blankets.
Nothing's warmer (or snugglier)


6. Tank tops (or singlets in Australia) with built in bras.
'Cause when you're getting changed you want to do it fast! And the extra layer of clothing is quite necessary.

7. Woolen/ thermal leggings.

You can buy these just about anywhere - major department store or online
8. Flannel shirts
Don't these just look warm?  The iconic symbol of winter - the flannel shirt (or flannelette as it's called in Australia and Britain) is made to brave the winds and low temperatures of the coldest climates.  Added bonus is that like jeans, the practical flannelette has stood the test of time to remain as trendy today as it was in the 70's  for girls and boys alike!


9. Cords
 I love cords and think it's truly great the styles and amount of colours that J Crew offers them in!  I want one of each especially because they're so much warmer than jeans.

10. Cable knit sweaters
 Watching Harry Potter made me aware of another iconic winter staple: the cable knit sweater.  In 'the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone,' he only wears cable knits when he isn't in school uniform and I think that's wise!  Aside from keeping you warm, the fun patterns on these sweaters make them look festive and make everyone want to cuddle up to you.

There you have it.  My winter wardrobe essentials for coziness!

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