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this week's tip (copied from Liv Tyler) | get silky hair

Monday, December 2, 2013

I remember reading an article in one of my magazines a few years ago in which the reporter asked Liv Tyler how she got her hair so silky smooth.  Her response was that she leaves the conditioner in her hair for as long as possible - sometimes up to 20mins!  I took her words as gospel and have the same ever since.

Although (sadly) not all my showers can be that long, I try my best at least once a week to wash & condition my hair, tie it up into a bun then fill up the bathtub to take a relaxing bath while my conditioner works its magic.  Once I rinse it out of my hair afterwards, I always notice a difference! 

I don't think it matters what conditioner you use.  Over the years I've changed products several times to find that sulfate free ones work best for me. But while everyone has different hair and different tolerances, all I know if you try it Liv Tyler's way, you'll get the best result from what ever conditioner you're currently using. 


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