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packing Xmas into a suitcase for our vacation

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tomorrow we're setting off on our Christmas-desert getaway so after dropping Will's aunt and uncle at the airport, I got busy packing.  It took a little longer than usual because I wanted to ensure I packed the right items to keep our spirits bright and maintain a festive, Christmasy mood away from home, the tree and decorations.  Short of packing the tree itself, I decided the following items would do the trick:

1.Christmas scented candle
(this one is from Antropologie is in a tin container, 
has a lid and a not-so-girly-fragrance, so is perfect for travel)
2. Christmas blanket
3. 'Fresh Balsam' room spray
4. Xmas earrings
5. a Christmassy mug makes every drink more merry
6. seasonally scented hand sanitizers (from Bath&Body Works)
7. themed travel sized tissue pack
8. fuzzy socks 

Most important was the one thing that I didn't take a photo of: presents to open on Christmas day!

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