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Our Christmas tree

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Last night Will, Baxter and I drove around our neighbourhood looking for the perfect 5-6ft Christmas tree for our place.  We wanted to buy local so started by visiting the tents that have sprung up all around the place, where people sell the trees they've cut down from pine farms, but had no luck finding a tree that size. In the end, our perfect tree was a Fraser Fir Pine that came from Lowes, where I was also able to get a matching garland for free!

A cold Baxter, begrudgingly posing beside our tree
- look at that expression! HAHA
When we got home, Will assembled the tree which I knew nothing about (obviously never have done it before) but it involves a stand that screws into the trunk and water inside.  Before last night, I had no idea that live Christmas trees need water just like flowers do!  I know that sounds basic but in Australia everyone I knew always had plastic trees - real pine would die in a heart beat if it was cut down in that Christmas heat!

Anyway, once the tree was assembled, I wasted no time putting together our Christmas corner: complete with stockings, tree skirt and mercury glass candle holders.

This vision cheerfully greeted me this morning as I entered the lounge room where the mantel was screaming 'Merry Christmas' and everything smells beautifully of pine!

The only thing left is to hang our tree ornaments and lights which Will and I will do together tonight after dinner.  (Something else I didn't know about live Christmas trees is that you're supposed to let the branches drop on their own over night and not stress them or weigh them down by hanging decorations straight away!)

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  1. It's funny but we never put a live Christmas tree in water. We used a bucket of sand instead, and it worked just fine =) And we never let the branches drop on their own either, but I think it's a good advice.




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