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Sending cards in the mail

Monday, December 2, 2013

I spent my afternoon writing out and mailing Christmas cards to friends and family.  I may be the last remaining person on earth who does this but I love doing it and also believe there's nothing like receiving hand-written mail: especially when I'm so far away from all my loved ones.  I always take my time choosing beautiful cards and have a ranking system: the people I love most get the cards I consider the prettiest and those I simply don't want to offend receive the plainer ones. (It's out there now!!)

Then I usually just afix the stamps I have laying around the house but this year I took a friends' advise and went to the post office early (like October) and bought some Christmas themed stamps which I think make it the envelope even more exciting to open.


  1. You ROCK Kez! Anna and I love receiving cards from you! XO

    1. Thanks Vas xo Love you! PS: you guys are getting a reindeer card this year coz they're my FAVOURITE (see next blog post :P)




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