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Monday, December 16, 2013

This may be a controversial topic but we're all human so let's be honest: travelling and toilet breaks are not ideal companions.  Being confined to close quartered situations like hotel rooms, planes, trains etc can be embarrassing when you need to... er... go.

This applies particularly to the female division: (who never have any movement down there and resent any implications to the contrary!)  we believe what happens in the loo should stay private! For this reason, whenever I travel, I always pack a small room spray.  It's both a courtesy to the person after you and a savior from the person before!   

This 'PooPourri' is my top preference spray when flying because it's not an aerosol and comfortably fits in any makeup bag or pocket for an inconspicuous trip to the bathroom:


And these small aerosols from Bath&Body Works are perfect for all other kinds of travel:


PS: if you're like me and you like to change things up every season, both of the PooPourri and Bath&Body Works online stores have a huge variety of small, carry sized seasonal fragrances, eg:


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