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Christmas Eve in the TX desert

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

When thinking about Christmas in America, snow and cold weather come to mind - not warm paradise 25 degree (70 Fahrenheit) days or bright, desert skies.  Yet here we are and I feel so blessed to be able to spend the most magical time of the year in such a magical location.  We arrived last night (after driving all day) at this amazing golf resort in the town of Lajitas, Texas

which is in between the Big Bend State and National parks.  If I had to pick one word to describe it, that word would be WOW!

Everything around us is picturesque beauty fit for a movie set, in fact more than once I've told Will that's how I feel: like we're on the set of a movie because I've never been so completely surrounded by this much beauty in my life.  There's mountains on every horizon as far as the eye can see, vivid blue skies, rich red soil, rivers and creeks with sparkling blue water, cacti, wildlife and gemstones glistening in the sunlight.  Just breathtaking.

All four of us had a great time today in the pet friendly state park - hiking, talking to locals and fossiking for gemstones and fossils!  We didn't know before we came out here, but this is where most American dinosaurs were discovered and there are fossils EVERYWHERE! (As if this place couldn't get any better).  I recommend it all - the resort we're staying at, the live music at local bars, the Ghost Town, the hiking trails, scenic drives, horse riding and guided tours!

Even though it is Christmas Eve and our families are all together back in Atlanta or Australia, we don't regret this trip.  The locals and hotel staff are doing everything to make it as Christmassy as possible, with decorations everywhere and live carolers visiting at intervals during the day.  Now we're back in our room: Will and the pups asleep all around me and I'm sipping eggnog next to my Christmas candle and reflecting on a wonderful day that I had to share with you.

Tonight Santa comes and I can't wait to celebrate by eating a Christmas lunch with the rest of the hotel guests, open presents and then explore more of this magnificent landscape.  I hope you're all happy and resting well tonight for a fantastic Christmas tomorrow.  In the meantime, enjoy some eggnog and these pictures from my day, along with a new perspective of Christmas in another splendorous (albeit unconventional) corner of our world.

Everything behind that river in the distance is Mexico!
Yep, THAT river.
TX HWY 170

Since this place is so ancient, there are ruins everywhere!
And the Mexican-influenced architecture is very obvious. Breathtaking, really.
Found a sweet picnic spot overlooking the 'Balancing Rocks'
Enjoyed this Mexican chocolate immensly! Will definitely buy some to take home. YUM

The Closed Canyon
Big Bend State Park
The Closed Canyon,
Big Bend State Park
My cocktail, The Scorpion
very delicious!
recommended by the bar staff at the 'Starlight Theater' in the Ghost Town


  1. Looks amazing! I'm a bit jealous, even though I still believe that snow is an essential part of Christmas/New Year holidays.

    1. Rita, you should try before leaving America to go and see the desert - it's beauty like I can't describe!




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