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This week's tip | Always sparkle on NYE

Monday, December 30, 2013

In most European countries, New Years Eve is the major celebration of the year. In some of them, it's the night that 'Santa' (known by many different names) comes to hand out presents, but mostly NYE overshadows every other religious or political holiday and is simply the biggest bash on everyone's calender!

Although my parents assimilated to Australian culture in many ways and let my brother and I believe that Santa came on December 24th like all the other kids; growing up in a Russian family meant that we were also taught to believe in the magic of NYE.  Part of the magic of the evening is that it erases the entire previous year, wiping the slate clean for all and giving everyone the chance to start over by learning from mistakes or gaining the courage to act differently.  The other part of the evening's magic comes to those who focus only on good things from the ending year.  Removing negativity is vital, for there's an old Russian saying: 'the way you greet the new year is the way you will live the entirety of it.'

Of course most Russians also take this saying literally and (they always do for social occasions anyway, but for NYE especially) make sure to adorn their very best attire.  To me this means a little more than 'normal dressy'... it means sparkle! I think all girls should sparkle at least twice in their lives: on their wedding day and on New Years Eve.  There's truly nothing more festive or uplifting than that glittery, shimmery dance of reflecting lights!

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